About Me

John Heaney


My professional life has centered around marketing, branding and designing distinctive customer experiences that ignite business development. I’m currently focused on developing strategic digital marketing programs that capture attention and engage participants with compelling content and social media components.

As an adherent of design thinking, I challenge the clients I work with to rethink the business they’re in, exploit their innovative capacities to develop new products and services, deliver exceptional user experiences, and inspire creative thought throughout their organization.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, professional services, online retail, and software development and distribution, targeting B2B, B2C and B2Government. I specialize in working with small and medium sized businesses who have the resolve and capacity to commit, act and respond quickly and decisively.

I received an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, focusing on strategy, marketing, organizational behavior and entrepreneurship. I’ve applied these sharply honed skills working with an assortment of technology entrepreneurs whose exceptional ideas simply needed a distinct position, a clear message and a receptive audience.

When away from my perpetually running Mac, I can be found on the tennis court, ignoring the steadily advancing impairments of middle age and relying increasingly on the palliative effects of Advil and ice packs.