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Your Most Powerful & Memorable Differentiator: Your Stories

I was reminded today when I read a terrific post on the importance of storytelling in corporate branding at Beg To Differ of the crucial importance of storytelling to job seekers who desperately need to set themselves apart during the job search process. The importance of the personal story was perfectly illustrated to me last week when I was approached by a …

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Creating Your Personal Branding Statement

Creating a distinctive and memorable personal brand may be the most important component of your entire job search. Every job …

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Mastering the Behavioral Interview

Most employers don’t get much practice interviewing potential hires and rely on the historical standby questions that are detailed in …

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How to Ask Questions in the Job Interview

Most job candidates think of the interview in completely the wrong way. They think of it as an interrogation and …

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New Reebok Logo Confirms Their Continued Irrelevance

Reebok FAIL

Businesses rarely reboot their entire look, feel and message when things are going great. So, when Reebok announced that they …

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If Fidel Castro Used Powerpoint

Fidel Castro is notorious for delivering exhaustively long, pedagogic speeches to his captive Cuban masses. But Fidel’s 4 hour speeches …

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Sony Failed Because of Sony. Not Bad Timing.

Examining Sony’s abject failure to make any impact in the personal MP3 player market, noted author and blogger David Akers …

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