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Nestle Tastes Social Media Failure

Nestle SM Fail

Facebook users last week witnessed a real-time, social media centered public bludgeoning of a multinational corporation that will serve as …

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Putting the “Social” Into Social Media

Recall the best customer service episodes of your life. The bending over backward, amazing and memorable service that still stands …

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And the Children Shall Lead Them… to Social Media

Loyola All Access

Is it any surprise that university students really getsocial media and understand how to create authentic and compelling content to seed …

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Social Media Blowback

Marketing has historically been a godsend for lousy companies. With an effective marketing team, even the surliest, most incompetent and …

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Why the Volt Will Fail Miserably & Completely

Electric Lemon

A terrific article in today’s New York Times by Edward Niedermeyer prompted me to document my own belief, from the day I …

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Microsoft Retail to Imitate Everything Apple. Except Success.

Microsoft Clones Apple

So, what does Microsoft, in all their imperial wisdom do to stand apart and reassert the provenance of their brand? …

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