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Designing the News Experience

I carry a newspaper in my pocket at virtually all times. Actually I carry hundreds of them. All resident as …

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Cue the Indignation

The Wyoming State Library launched a new marketing campaign to promote their online resources. The goal was to let men …

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Deep Loathing Designed In

I was taken to task last week by a commenter who thought my proclamation that I hated Ticketmaster was a …

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Salvaging a Despised Brand

How many brands exist for decades despite their near universal opprobrium? And how many of these not only maintain their …

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All Your Desktop Are Belong To HP

All Your Desktop

My desktop scanner stopped working yesterday. I don’t know why. It worked the day before, and the day before that. …

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Would You Buy a $30,000 Timex?

I came up with a short list of things I would never consider buying: a $30,000 Timex watch a $287,000 …

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