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Microsoft Plots Massive Product Failure

I simply can’t be the first to notice Microsoft’s repeated, laughable and impotent attempts to produce consumer electronics that appeal …

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4 Fundamental Steps to Stellar Client Service

United Airlines suffered a very public viral humiliation last week with the release of YouTube sensation United Breaks Guitars. As …

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What If The Four Seasons Ran Your Business?

How would things change in your business if it were acquired by The Four Seasons? What would happen if new …

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Powerpoint Purgatory

I was invited yesterday to attend a couple of high-level presentations at an enormous Cleveland-based health care concern that intends …

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surfindian: Riding the Wave of Design

Surfindian Feature

It’s no surprise that the hub of Southern California surfing culture – Pacific Beach – sports dozens of surf shops …

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Battling Goliath: How Small Businesses Can Defeat Corporate Giants

David Vs Goliath2

Entrepreneurs perpetually play the role of David against their Goliath corporate competitors. And, just like their biblical counterpart, small businesses …

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