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If Fidel Castro Used Powerpoint

Fidel Castro is notorious for delivering exhaustively long, pedagogic speeches to his captive Cuban masses. But Fidel’s 4 hour speeches …

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Sony Failed Because of Sony. Not Bad Timing.

Examining Sony’s abject failure to make any impact in the personal MP3 player market, noted author and blogger David Akers …

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That Great Idea of Yours Isn’t Innovation

When most people think of innovation and innovative companies, they mistakenly envision creative geniuses holed up in research labs pursuing …

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Microsoft Plots Massive Product Failure

I simply can’t be the first to notice Microsoft’s repeated, laughable and impotent attempts to produce consumer electronics that appeal …

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4 Fundamental Steps to Stellar Client Service

United Airlines suffered a very public viral humiliation last week with the release of YouTube sensation United Breaks Guitars. As …

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Turning Failure Into a Competitive Advantage

I wrote yesterday how Continental Airlines lost my luggage Sunday night on my trip from Tulsa to Cleveland and yet …

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