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Creating Your Personal Branding Statement

Nike You

Creating a distinctive and memorable personal brand may be the most important component of your entire job search. Every job seeker is armed with the same tools: a resume, cover letters and a lot of hope. But, not matter how well written your résumé is or how thoughtful your cover letter is written, you still haven’t done enough to separate …

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New Reebok Logo Confirms Their Continued Irrelevance

Reebok FAIL

Businesses rarely reboot their entire look, feel and message when things are going great. So, when Reebok announced that they had decided to rebrand their company with a new logo and abandon the performance athletic market in favor of the generic fitness market, it would be natural for the long knives to emerge in anticipation of felling a faltering contender …

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If Fidel Castro Used Powerpoint

Fidel Castro is notorious for delivering exhaustively long, pedagogic speeches to his captive Cuban masses. But Fidel’s 4 hour speeches can’t hold a candle to San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s 7 1/2 hour (update: recently reduced due to national ridicule to just under 3 hours) state of the city presentation he recently uploaded to YouTube that reinforced the nation’s perception …

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Sony Failed Because of Sony. Not Bad Timing.

Examining Sony’s abject failure to make any impact in the personal MP3 player market, noted author and blogger David Akers concluded that Sony’s failure was largely due to unfortunate bad timing, not Sony’s strategic decisions or lack of innovative thinking. Having examined Sony’s repeated failures to exploit their overwhelming market positions and brand magic to gain traction and market share …

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That Great Idea of Yours Isn’t Innovation

When most people think of innovation and innovative companies, they mistakenly envision creative geniuses holed up in research labs pursuing that Eureka moment when they miraculously discover The Idea. You know The Idea. The one truly transformative, groundbreaking and revolutionary business concept that will change not just a company, but an entire industry. That’s The Idea. The problem is, The …

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