Social Media

Social Media for Job Seekers

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Culture vs Strategy. And the Winner Is…

Culture Strategy

According to research, over 70% of corporate mergers fail to produce any positive results. These transactions, despite long months of strategizing and planning with some of the best business minds in the country, frequently fail to account for the cultural differences and inevitable personal conflicts that can thwart even the smartest strategy. The same difficulties frequently arise in marketing and …

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Are You Listening Loud Enough?

Listen Loud

Perhaps the single biggest change that companies have had to adjust to when implementing a social media strategy is the necessity to listen to online conversations, comments and rants that mention their company by name. Mirroring the explosive growth of Twitter and Facebook has been the excitement  of companies eager to exploit what they see as another marketing platform able to reach targeted individuals …

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Career Day Conclusion: Bet on the Women

Woman In Charge

I was invited to join this year’s American Advertising Federation Career Day in Cleveland to share my perspectives on the impact and importance of social media for new job seekers. The audience of approximately 100 recent or pending college graduates gathered at The Plain Dealer’s headquarters in downtown Cleveland to listen to an assortment of speakers provide advice, motivation and insight …

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Marketing Your Dental Practice

Steve Martin Dentist

Many thanks to Thommen Medical for sponsoring last week’s presentation on branding and marketing a memorable dental practice. We covered a lot of ground in our discussion, and I wanted to provide all the study group attendees with links to all of the resources and materials mentioned. Landing Pages LeadPages Search Engine Optimization Tools Google Adwords Wordtracker SpyFu Local Search …

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